Pop Up cooking workshops (w/ Chef maggie o'toole)

What is it?


Our pop up cooking workshops are a true foodie experience that travels to a  new location every time. We take you to some of the best breweries, distilleries and wineries in Colorado and invite you to enjoy five  truly unique meal items developed by Chef Maggie - that pair beautifully. Every event provides enough food to be considered a meal, full pour of a drink of your choice, tastings and mingling with like-minded individuals. 

Who is Chef Maggie?


Chef Maggie O'Toole, a culinary gem here in Denver, CO., is also a well-known cooking teacher who trained at Kendall School of Culinary Arts in Chicago. Chef Maggie focuses on simple, innovative and quick recipes that create depth of flavor without over-complicated steps. "I want people to feel comfortable making interesting unique food in a fun, fast-paced environment, take home these skills (and recipes) and be able to entertain like a pro!"

The Experience


Great for corporate team building, these workshops are part demo and part hands-on. During a demo, participants hang back as Chef Maggie and her team walk through, prepare, cook and serve the delicious menu items. During the hands-on portion, participants follow the chefs' lead, then sit back and enjoy their food and drink.

Complete with four easy rotations that make you feel like you're at a party, participants are treated to a special talk and yes - tastings by the chief brewer, master distiller or wine maker and their experienced team. 

These events can range from 30-50 attendees and provide a perfectly social and relaxed setting.

Where to Next?


We have popped up at The Infinite Monkey Theorem with "Tapas & Tempranillo" and Colorado Sake Co. with "Asian Street Food + Sake", and we're currently opening our calendar for corporate events at select partner locations. Email info@redenvelopeproductions.com  for more information and prices.


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October 2018

5280 Magazine


April 2019

"asian street food + Sake" Event (4/17/19 video 1)

"Asian Street Food + Sake" Event (4/17/10 video 2)